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“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” — John 10:10

A Lenten Practice: Gratitude.
The 2018 Lenten season begins on Wednesday, February 14. Lent invites us to journey into the fullness of God by focusing intently on the immeasurable love of God in Jesus Christ. One practice that opens the heart to God’s abundance is Gratitude. This Lenten season, the FBCS community is being invited to engage in a Daily Practice of Gratitude. What will this involve?

Daily Practice of Gratitude:
Each day, from Ash Wednesday (February 14) to Easter Sunday (April 1):
1) Specifically recall three things from your day for which you are grateful.
2) Write these three things down in a journal OR post them here!

Are you Grateful? Are you seeing God’s abundance? Here’s a place to say so!

This Lenten season, as we seek to recognize and record three new gratitudes daily, let’s encourage one another to give thanks for God’s abundance!

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